I love coffee…coffee likes me until about 2pm, them there is a battle.  I want to drink it, but I also want to sleep at night so coffee and me are frenemies.  But in the morning that is all out the window. I start at about 6am, because that is when my cat thinks she should eat.  The coffee I drink is also the coffee I sell it’s from Guatemala and it is a medium roast with hints of orange and creamy chocolate,  I get my coffee from Raleigh Coffee Company, img_2485 It is creamy and smooth, never bitter.  It makes the best Espresso shots, which in turn makes great cappuccino and latte’s, so unless I find something better this is the BEST.

What is your favorite coffee drink?  Do you drink it black, are you a flavored kind of person, cold?  Fill me in

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