Almost April?


How does this happen?  Time, I seem to be spending time waiting for time to pass.  You make plans, you set up appointments and all of them are in the future….time till the next event.  And while all this is happening time is passing, you are getting older and you will never get that time back.

I talked with a women, and I’m sure she wouldn’t know I took these words to heart, “find your joy”  Joy, something that is way down on my list of things to feel.  My heart is waiting for time to pass, my joy is not part of my thought process.

We are working towards getting a coffee cart in ORA Orthopedic office building, the beginning of my dream is finally coming into true.  My vision is to have a few of these around the city in various buildings for employees and patients, customers.  Eventually having that Cafe I have longed for, maybe when hubby decides he is done with the military and we can work at it together.  Live above our Caffeine Queen Cafe, visiting our kids, hoping they come and visit us once in a while.

So I guess joy isn’t that far away, I just need to find it in different ways.  I need to see Joy in my current situation, and stop thinking when we move I will find it.

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