1st Event

I was excited to be a vendor at the Spouses Club here in Rock Island.  Thank goodness DH was there to help me load and unload!!  But we got it all set up and EVERYONE enjoyed their free coffee drink. Here I am with the first cup!  And with my new shirt on....I love it!!



I met someone who designed our shirt logo...what do ya'll think? As of right now we are going with the one on the right.  I might get a few with the crown, I don't think DH wants a crown on his shirt, polo horse ok, crown nope.  Maybe a hat? While traveling the 25 miles …

Day of Discovery

It was a day of discovery. We wondered around the Freighthouse Farmers Market in Davenport....Nice! Good opportunity for a little business. Dropping the girl off at a new friends, nervously. Everything was GREAT her and her friend are on the same playing field and we all relaxed a little, plus we were invited back to hang …